Well, hi there!

I’m Kate, the founder of Emmett’s ABCs. In my past life I’ve been a marketing professional, a brand strategist, and in corporate sales. And now? I’m a mom! But it wasn’t an easy path, and I’m the first to admit I was barely keeping my head above water in this crazy rodeo!

Emmett, our sweet, noisy, crazy, non-sleeping, rambunctious, little boy is the inspiration (and front line product tester) for Emmett’s ABCs. Let me tell you, when we had him, we were in deep… ┬áREAL DEEP. I suddenly realized there was an entire WORLD of products that catered to a lifestyle I knew NOTHING about, that all told me they were absolutely ESSENTIAL to my success as a mom, and I was stuck, trying to research, quiz friends, and buy the right products on zero sleep. It’s usually at this point that I would figure out that the item I’d spent hours researching and validating, wasn’t actually available in Canada. Whomp whomp whoooooooomp.

My level of sanity during this time was directly correlated to the mamas in my life who had walked before me, who sweetly intervened and provided recommendations, reviews and suggestions, in a clear and thoughtful manner, to make my life easier.

It’s that very sentiment that is my inspiration for Emmett’s ABCs. We’ve started walking this path, and are living the decisions every day. We’re always looking for the best family-friendly products available, that make your life easier… and we want to share the insights with you!

To keep things simple, each item on the site is evaluated using our ‘Emmett’s ABCs Criteria’:

A = Affordability

B = Blueprint (The overall product design)

C = Creativity (Is this groundbreaking innovation? Or can lots of products fill this need)

Rest assured, we’ll always share the ongoing chaos in our lives right along with the products that are helping us make it through, and it goes without saying that we’ll only share our absolute favourites!

We hope you stick around to read more, and that we’ve made your day a little brighter!

We’ve got this mamas and papas!!!