The BEST Toddler Sun Gear

We love the outdoors in this family. Living in Canada, we’ve accumulated gear over time that let’s us be out in all four seasons comfortably, and we’re always on the hunt for the best of the best to share with you guys.

Here’s the rub though… Emmett inherited a million wonderful things from his daddy, but his complexion isn’t one of them. Instead, our tiny sweet tornado inherited my Irish/English complexion… reddish hair, and SUPER fair skin. I’m not sure if you’ve all had the pleasure of trying to keep a fair-skinned toddler WHO NEVER STOPS MOVING from getting sunburned or not, but it’s a new type of madness.

We of course plan to have our fair share of summer sunscreen applications (check out our recos on the best natural sunscreens HERE if you’re on the hunt for a good one), but we’ve also spent the first bit of the warm weather this year rounding up some of our very favourite UV protection gear just for you! So, get on with it already? You got it!


A Wide-Brimmed Sunhat

Sun hats are critical in the summer months, and we’ve found an awesome one. This ‘Grow-with-me’ cotton Sunhat from Twinklebelle Designs is amazing! It’s lightweight, got a nice wide brim from protection on the face and neck, and most amazingly, it has a built-in toggle system in the head band that allows it to be cinched in or let out as your child’s head grows! No more having to buy a bigger hat every few months… hurrah!

Also, the Grow-with-me Sunhat has a UPF rating of 50+. What’s UPF you ask? UV protection clothing is now rated using UPF (ultraviolet protection factor). Most experts recommend buying sun clothes with a UPF of at least 30, but with a UPF rating of 50 the Twinklebelle sunhats only allow one fiftieth of the sun’s rays to reach your little one through the material. A pretty awesome start on the sun protection front!


A Full-Body Swimsuit

So imagine this… you’re out in a boat on the lake for the day (a frequent occurrence in our summers), you’ve packed snacks, drinks, towels, floaties, and the sunscreen that you know your toddler will use full body force to keep you from re-applying in a few hours. What to do? Save yourself the headache and get a UPF protected full-body swimsuit. January Baby has made a full line of awesome Full-body Swimsuits with just this dilemma in mind (we especially love their solid colour designs, but they’re all adorable). Emmett uses his when he’s splashing in his baby pool, at the splash pad around the city, and when we’re at the lake for a full day of water and sun. The swimsuits are UPF 50 rated, comfortable, and dry quickly, so you can all enjoy the water worry-free!


A Nap-Time Sun Cover

As much as our little guy would hate to admit it, at some point during a day of outdoor fun, he’s going to crash. If we’re at the lake, it’s usually in my lap in the boat, or splayed across a dock chair in the sun. He’s certainly not the easiest kid to move when he’s sleeping, so draping something over him to create some shade is the best option to maintain the nap peacefulness. Enter the Luv Bug Sun Protection Blanket. This bad boy has a UPF rating of 50, is lightweight and breathable, and dries super quickly. It’s got a hood built into one corner so it can be worn by your kiddos if they’re relaxing on the dock, or if you’re not near the water, it’s the perfect nap time/stroller/carrier drape to keep the sun off even the littlest adventurers. Mom win.

Annnnnnnnnnd, of course we have a little extra something special for all of you! Two something specials to be exact! If you’re convinced that the Sun Protection blanket is something you need (we agree!), we’ve got a coupon code for you for FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada. Just enter FREESHIPCA at checkout anytime until July 9th and you’re covered (don’t’ worry US friends, your shipping is already free)!


Oh, and SUPRISE! Our friends at Luv Bug are GIVING AWAY a Sun Protection Blanket to one of you!!! Enter in the form below and make your babe’s summer nap dreams come true!

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