The Best Natural Sunscreens for Your Fam!

baby-sunhat-swimsuitIs it summer yet?! I swear, in Canada it feels like we’ve been FOREVER waiting for the hot weather to finally hit. But regardless of the lack of heat, the sun has been peeking out now and then, and it’s got me thinking about sunscreen! We get lots of questions from moms about what sunscreen we recommend for babes and kids, so we thought we’d break down some of our favourites!

First things first, a quick ABC breakdown of the natural sunscreen category (we recommend going with a natural option whenever possible):

AFFORDABILITY: there’s no getting around it, natural sunscreens are a bit more expensive than their chemical counterparts. If you’re going to go for the natural option, expect to spend about $5-10 more per bottle (depending on brand and size). Our favourite tip is to wait for the inevitable spring sunscreen sales and stock up then to save some dough ( has a few brands on sale right now)!

BLUEPRINT: So why do we recommend natural sunscreens, and what makes them different from chemical sunscreens? The basic difference is that chemical sunscreens get absorbed into your skin in order to protect you from the sun (that’s why you need to wait 20 mins before they start working), while natural sunscreens sit on top of the skin and provide a physical barrier to the sun (no waiting time required after application!). Natural sunscreens are typically comprised of zinc oxide and titanium oxide (both safe) that sit on top of the skin, typically have a bit of a white hue, and block the sun’s rays. Because natural sunscreens can have a bit of a white hue and sometimes be trickier to ‘rub in’ (because they’re not really supposed to!), we’ve done some digging to find our favourite brands. We’re breaking them down for you below! One more thing to note though: always look for a sunscreen with at least 30 spf, and shake all natural sunscreens before use – they can separate a little in the container!

CREATIVITY: Natural sunscreens have become WAY more convenient in the past few years – they now come in lotion, spray and bar formats, making it easy to put them on even the wiggliest of kiddos!

Okay, so now down to business… what brands do we recommend?

thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen

Think Baby – this one is great for both you and your kiddos. They have baby, kids, and sport options, and it goes on remarkably smoothly and consistently. It smells great, and this is definitely one of our faves!

Badger Tangerine & Vanilla Kids Sunscreen Cream

Badger – again, one that we’ve used again and again. They have a great baby format, and have one for kiddos (tangerine vanilla) that smells so good your kiddos will be asking for it!

Green Beaver Natural Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

Green Beaver – a Canadian brand that gets it done. They have a variety of lotion, pump and lip balm options.

Goddess Garden Continuous Spray Sunscreen

Goddess Garden – these gals have a bunch of formats, and have a spray format that most resembles an aerosol spray if that’s your jam!

Live Clean Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

Live Clean – another great Canadian brand that has baby, sport and lotion options available.

BONUS: if you happen to get a little too sun kissed, check out this Rocky Mountain After Sun Butter. It cools, calms and soothes, and is basically magic to my Irish complexion.

So get out there, enjoy the summer, and bask in the magic of natural sunscreen protection!


NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to buy one of our favourite sunscreens through these links, it doesn’t cost you anything, but it helps support the blog! And we’ll love you for it!





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