Sew. Much. Crafting. (See What We Did There?)

baby-quilt-kitPregnancy plays some hilarious (and not so hilarious) tricks on your mind and body. You know, like when you want to eat four times our normal volume of food, or when you cry at the drop of a hat… and in our case, get hella crafty.

Yep, one of the weirdest things that happens to me every time I’m pregnant (well, both times) is a strong desire to make ALL THE THINGS for baby. Maybe it’s my version of nesting, but I go on a serious crafting spree.

When I was pregnant for Emmett, I sewed all of his burp cloths, bibs, and change pad covers from scratch and made him a little baby blanket. I loved doing it all, but it took a ton of time. Time that (now that I have a toddler on the loose) I don’t seem to have. So this time around, I started looking for adorable sewing options that I could tackle, with a little less prep work involved.

Which is exactly how I found Itty Bitty Handmade, and they’re gorgeous Baby Quilt Kits. Imagine finding the perfect quilt design for your babe, and then having someone shop for and prep all of the elements for you (even measuring and cutting all the fabrics to size), and sending them to your door in one neat package… this is EXACTLY what Itty Bitty Handmade does. They take ALL of the prep work out of the quilt making process, and send you a neatly organized box with literally everything you need to complete the quilt quickly and easily. Thread? Yep, they send that. Pins? Yep, those too. Step by step instructions? Batting? Fabric glue? Yep, they send all of those too.

Everything that comes in the quilt kit!
Super easy-to-follow instructions! (Even for         beginners)

I was moderately intimidated by making a baby quilt myself (I’ve only completed one small quilting project in the past and would rank my sewing skills moderate at best), but honestly the Quilt Kit is so well organized and explained that an experienced beginner or intermediate level sewer can easily tackle this project.

Ironing and prepping the material

I ran into one small snag where my measurements were a bit off – I sent an SOS DM to the Itty Bitty Handmade team on Instagram, and they immediately answered, helped me troubleshoot and I was back on track in no time. Such great customer service!

Here’s a quick vid that shows the finished quilt and talks a bit about the process and why we love it!

And if all this quilting chat has got you in the mood to create for a little one in your life, then check out all of the awesome quilt designs available from Itty Bitty Handmade here.

The finished quilt, ready to snuggle

Trust me, if you’re feeling crafty and also short on time, this is the project of your dreams!

Note: after discovering the awesome kits from Itty Bitty Handmade, we were provided one to try at no cost. We really do love it this much, and we really will be recommending this to every crafty mama we know.

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