Family Photography Made for Busy Moms

maternity-toddler-photoOne of the great side benefits to sharing our lives in this little corner of the internet, is that I take a lot of pictures. My kids have an enormous number of photos of themselves, and they’re all safely tucked away in files on my hard drive.

But you know what? There are a couple of things I’m not great at when it comes to photos. The first is getting our whole family in them at once. My hubby is notoriously camera shy, and so our shots often end up being just the kids, or me with the kiddos. And the second thing I’m not great at? PRINTING the photos!

So, when I met Heather from Fun Love Photography and we got chatting about her business, I felt like she was speaking my language.

It goes without saying that Heather takes gorgeous photos – I’m sharing a bunch in this post that she took for us just weeks before Charlotte arrived! She works amazingly well with kids and families (Emmett was a bear on this particular day… but you’d never know it!), in a setting that feels natural for you, to capture beautiful moments.


But Heather takes things one step further. She manages all the work behind the scheduling, pre shoot prep-work, photo selection, and PRINTING process for you and manages to make the whole thing seamless! Hurrah!


Curious how this works? So was I! Here’s what the Fun Love Photography process looks like:

Once you’ve decided to work with Heather, she sends you a detailed (and adorable) information package before your shoot takes place. The info package includes things like wardrobe selection tips for the whole family, tips for the actual session feel natural, a pre-shoot questionnaire (so that she’s prepped and ready to capture everything on the day of the shoot), and information about Premiere Night (more to come on that)!

All of this makes sure that on the day of the shoot, all you need to do is show up and be yourself.


Following your shoot, Heather schedules a fun Premiere Night experience for your family. She literally comes to your house at a convenient time, and walks through a beautiful slideshow of all of your brand new images! You can select sit back and enjoy the experience (with a tasty sweet treat that Heather brings with her!) and then select your favourites together. She also brings along a sample of all of her beautiful photo printing products right to the Premiere Night sessions (think samples of albums, canvases, and other piece of beautiful photo art for your home) so that if you choose, you can order right on the spot. It couldn’t be easier! And honestly, having a ‘one-stop-shop’ available to get photos selected and printed is exactly the push I need to make it happen.

Heather is a brilliant photographer (and a lovely person) who has thought out every aspect of her business to make it easy and fun for families to capture special moments together. If you’re going to invest in capturing beautiful images of your family, Fun Love Photography has a plan to help you through it from start to finish. And THAT is something we can totally get behind!

Check out the Fun Love Photography site here for more info, and excuse me while I stare at a few more of these gorgeous shots!

Note: In order to fully experience the Fun Love Photography process, Heather provided photos and an album to us at no cost. The review and my thoughts on the process are, as always, all mine!

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  1. Such great pictures! Emmett is too cute! Truly! It just never fails that when you need a happy go lucky toddler day it never goes that way 🙂 but she got good photos of him! Very good photos all together!


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