Why You’ll Find Our Whole Family in BOGS This Winter!

father-son-bootsOur family lives kind of a crazy dual life.

We live in the heart of the largest city in Canada, and yet we spend weekends, vacations, and as much time as possible out in the country – where both sets of grandparents live, and where we build, explore, adventure and generally get dirty!

We wouldn’t have it any other way, and we love that our whole family feels as comfortable in the city as they do in the woods… but it DOES make for some interesting wardrobe challenges!

How do you dress two adults and (soon to be) two kiddos for four seasons in two completely different environments? Especially when it comes to footwear?! The last thing you want to be doing is buying multiple sets of boots for toddlers that they’re going to grow out of by the time you blink.


So, when we found BOGS boots, the whole family was excited! The boots are designed to be comfortable (and look cute!) in the city, but also be warm enough and durable enough to keep you dry and toasty even in the coldest winter months in the country. They function amazingly well through fall, winter and spring – and eliminate the need to buy separate sets of rubber boots and winter boots. They’re lined for warmth in the winter when needed, but yet are completely waterproof in a spring rainstorm! Double win!


ANNNND their toddler sizes are super well designed for easy on/off (with wide openings and a Velcro tab to keep them snugly on) and walk-ability. Even the newest walkers will comfortably toddle along in these boots without feeling overwhelmed or off balance. Emmett’s on his second pair of BOGS now (he just grew out of his first that he started wearing at a year old), and we even found a sweet little pair for our babe-to-be to grow into – so adorable!



And as for the adults? We’re covered too. I obviously chose the adorable Amanda Boots. They lace up at the front, and look cute enough to wear to the grocery store or for school pick-up. But they’ll also hold up in the country mud, and they have a fuzzy lining that will keep my feet warm down to -25 degrees Celsius! My hubby went for the comfortable and practical Workman Boot that he could wear to the park on a rainy day with Emmett, or (with the composite toe) could be worn in the shed working on the tractor at the lake on the coldest days. I tell you, these boots do it all.




Save yourself the headache this fall/winter/spring and check out BOGS for your family. You won’t regret it!


And because we just spent this entire post telling you how much we LOVE our BOGS, we’ve teamed up with BOGS to give away a pair of boots of your choice!!! Click below and enter to win a pair – your feet (and your winter outfits) will thank you!

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NOTE: We received BOGS boots for the family at no cost as compensation for this post. But, that’s only after buying and loving multiple pairs on our own first! We really love everything about them!