Beat the Last of the Summer Heat!

baby-hooded-towelIt’s the middle of August, and in Ontario I can probably count on two hands the number of truly lovely summer days we’ve had. So, man, is it ever nice to finally be looking for ways to beat the heat! Looks like we could finally be in for some hot hot days as the summer winds down!

So, we’re teaming up with a few of our favourite Ontario bloggers to share the ways our families beat the heat and have fun – just in case you need a little end of summer inspiration!

Beat the Heat Tip #1: Play Some Ice Rescue!

We basically use plastic bins all year round for activities in our house, and summer brings out one of our favourites! Ice Rescue! When the heat starts to get to us, we grab our plastic bin, head outside to the patio, and empty the ice trays… it’s magic!

Here’s what you need:

Large plastic container

Lots of ice cubes

Plastic figurines (that won’t hurt to get wet)

Large slotted spoon or tongues (depending on their motor skill development)

Go ahead and fill the container up with ice, bury the plastic figurines under and around the ice cubes, and let your kiddos go to town with the spoon and tongues trying to ‘rescue’ the figurines from the ice! They’ll likely get ice/melting water all over them, have a blast and cool down in the process!

 Beat the Heat Tip #2: Find the Water that Works for You!

Our family spends a ton of time at the lake in the summer – Emmett’s basically a fish, and loves floating alongside us and splashing in the water. It let’s us all cool down in a hurry, and we burn some serious energy while doing it! That being said, we don’t always have the luxury of a beautiful lake to cool down in… so we source out the next best thing – local wading pools and splash pads!


Most towns and cities have amazing (and free!) water play locations that are perfect for kiddos. It’s worth doing a quick google search for the venues in your area and finding the best option for your kiddos! If you happen to be in Toronto – here’s a quick link to some of the city locales for you to check out.

Mom Hack: I need to include a key note here. If you have a babe like ours who you literally have to DRAG out of the water to warm up, you need a Towel Ponchie from Ponchies for Kids. This has been a lifesaver this summer for us.



The cozy, warm terry ponchie is made with love by an amazing entrepreneur, and they’re so adorable your kiddo will want to get out of the water to wear it. We always bring it with us to the lake, splash pad, pool, or any water-related activity because it’s an easy way to get your kiddo warm and not worry if they’re still a bit damp! They come in just about every adorable colour and design you can think of, and are made with terry cloth– so it’s soft and cozy as well as warm. Trust us – get one for your kiddo – you won’t regret it! Check out everything from Ponchies for Kids HERE.

 Beat the Heat Tip #3: Scope Out your Public Library

Sometimes the heat just gets a little overwhelming, or your kiddos start to overheat no matter how you cool them down outside. When we get to that ‘overheating point of no return’ we head to one of our favourite places – the public library! If you haven’t tried the library as a distraction for your toddler, do it! Trust me! Libraries have tons of summer programming running for kiddos to take part in, and if there’s nothing specific going on, we let Em cruise the rows of books, choose a few of his favourites, and spend some time reading through them all in the air conditioning! Literacy AND ventilation – a win-win!

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Note: We were provided an adorable Dino towel Ponchie at no cost to test out for this blog post – and trust us, we really think it’s this awesome, and so does Emmett!

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